Can I hide my existing Audio/Video equipment?
Yes, your equipment can be hidden in a discreet cabinet or storage unit and controlled remotely.
Can the equipment be located anywhere in my house?
Yes, your Audio/Video equipment can be located in a storage or utility room, with signals being routed to other rooms in your house. This allows you to centralize equipment for ease of access, and keep the main rooms of your house free of unsightly clutter.
How do I control my equipment?
You can control your equipment remotely with your choice of a handheld or wall-mounted device. Device options include:
  • Handheld LCD screen remotes
  • Touch-screen tablet remotes
  • Wall-mounted keypads
  • Wireless key-chain remote
How does the quality of the equipment affect the sound of music, soundtracks and other types of audio?
Good-quality equipment produces dramatically superior sound, but just as important is the quality of the installation and wiring of the sound system. Everything from the main components to the wiring to the speaker systems must be carefully tested and calibrated to ensure that the sound emanates perfectly and does justice to the quality of the equipment selected.
What options are available for installing remote Audio/Video systems in my home?
There are several options for home Audio/Visual systems. We can consult with you to determine which technology best fits your budget and your needs:
  • Infrared Receiver: Routs instructions to your equipment via infrared signal. Infrared controls require you to point your remote device at the infrared receiver, a tiny relay device that is placed on your video screen, to issue commands
  • Radio Frequency: Allows you to remotely control your equipment without having to point the receiver directly at the equipment to which you are issuing commands.
  • ZigBee: The most advanced technology for remote Audio/Video control, ZigBee creates a system-wide, multi-node mesh network. This allows the signal to travel the fastest route to the equipment, creating the most efficient and reliable remote system possible.

Imagine coming home to the ultimate Audio/Video experience: nuanced yet powerful surround sound, crisp visuals and the convenience of a single, intuitive control panel.

High quality Audio/Video equipment partnered with intelligent system design can transform the experience. Music is clearer and more ambient. Movies and televised sports events become fully immersive. And the system controls allow you to calibrate every element to your preferences easily and intuitively.

Best of all, the technology is ingeniously hidden and controlled remotely, allowing your home style to take centre stage. No more wires trailing on the floor or across the wall. No more big, boxy electronics taking up space. No need for multiple remotes, each with its own complicated set of buttons and commands. Just an effortless entertainment experience that fits your style.

Frequently asked questions about Audio/Video installation