Due in part to recent spikes in energy prices, more and more people are investigating the use of alternative energy sources. One of the most popular ones is solar power. What more and more people are realizing, however, is that while solar power is a great way to save money on monthly energy bills, it’s also proving to be a valuable asset after a natural disaster strikes.

Generators are still considered to be a vital part in disaster plans around the globe. But generators can be noisy and messy and are very heavy to move should the need arise. Another important consideration is the fact that they are expensive to run, and access to precious fuel may not always be available. Fuel in large quantities is hard for the average homeowner to store, and if gas stations don’t have electrical power they can’t pump the fuel.
Backup battery power is a clean, quiet, and dependable source of energy. These emergency backup power systems are an essential addition to your home. These systems come with a battery cabinet sized to accommodate the number of batteries you want in your battery bank. But you’ll need to convert that DC current from the battery into AC current that you can use in an emergency. For that we provide a Pre-Wired Single Inverter System. Adding solar panels to these backup systems provides a charging option for virtually maintenance free backup power, making this solution perfect for supplying electrical power after a storm knocks out the main power grid.

Battery backup power is an important part of anyone’s disaster planning. Some of these units are powerful enough to supply power to run a small refrigerator or cell phone charger, or even recharge the battery of a laptop computer. During a natural disaster it is vital to maintain a way to communicate with emergency personnel or other family members.

For years, solar power was thought to be too expensive for the average homeowner to take advantage of. With recent advancements in the technology used to manufacture solar panels, prices have come down considerably. A solar powered battery backup system purchased for use during a natural disaster should be considered an investment in the safety of your family.

At times, the world can be an uncertain place. Proper planning can be the key to surviving a natural disaster. Purchasing an emergency battery backup system as part of your disaster plans is a wise move. Don’t be caught without a way to obtain power for free. Put our backup power systems abundant energy to work for you..