Q: What is the difference between a media room and a home theater?
A: A media room is a multipurpose room designed for a range of activities: watching television and movies, playing games, listening to music and general socializing. A home theater is a room used solely for viewing movies and equipped with top-line electronics. They reproduce the theater-going experience with high-quality Audi/Video equipment, theater-style seating and special lighting.
Q: Where can I put a media room?
A: A media room will generally be located in a family room or living room. ACE Integrated Systems can help you transform an ordinary room into a theater-quality home entertainment center, while retaining the style, comfort and flexibility you need in a multipurpose space.
Q: What equipment is needed for a media room?
A: A media room can be fitted with the entertainment equipment you choose, but generally you will want to include:
  • LCD or plasma display device
  • DVD or Blu-ray player
  • Speakers and subwoofer
  • Audio/Video receiver
  • Game console
  • Cable or satellite box
  • Universal remote or touch-screen tablet

Combine theater-quality sound and visuals with the comfort and elegance of a multipurpose media room.  You don’t have to sacrifice stylish living to enjoy the excitement of big-screen entertainment: style and functionality can go hand-in-hand with a well-designed home entertainment system.  ACE Integrated Systems can discreetly integrate your home theater into your home’s décor or equip you with a system that can be hidden when not in use. We can guide you in the selection of all your home theater needs, including customized lighting, acoustic treatments, tiered seating, surround sound and electronic equipment.

Frequently asked questions about Multi Room Audio & Design