ACE Integrated Systems Ltd. Can help get your project started in the right direction with a plan tailored to the way you want to use your system. By taking time to discuss your favorite activities we can then determine which equipment will best suit your needs and give the best performance for the budget.


ACE has years of industry experience in electrical, networking and home automation. Even if we are not the installers of your project we can be your 3rd party mediator between the integrators of your choice. For an hourly consulting fee we will look over your proposal, inspect wiring and installations to guarantee that you get what you paid for.


Allowing us to oversee your project and manage trades will help you concentrate on the rest of the project. We will be able manage all aspects of the job from initial budgeting, design, installation and commissioning. Keeping lines of communications open thought-out the project allows you to just interact with ACE and we will communicate to the sub trades. Then if you want to pop out for a quick vacation during the project you can be confident the project will carry on unobstructed.