How does distributed Audio/Video work?

Entertainment components are centralized somewhere in your home—in an entertainment centre or even hidden away in a closet or other underused space. Next, in-wall speakers are discreetly installed in any room you desire. Speakers can also be installed to bring high-quality sound to outdoor spaces such as patios, gardens and pools.

Using wall-mounted control panels or remote controls, you can now control the Audio/Visual entertainment for one room or for the entire home, selecting media from the radio, your computer and iTunes library, your CD and DVD collection, digital cable and satellite offerings and your iPod.

What are the benefits of installing a distributed Audio/Video system?
By installing distributed Audio/Video, you are bringing superior sound and visual capabilities to every room in your home. You also enable access to a wide range of media, including CDs, MP3 files and digital cable and satellite programming. And the technology is virtually invisible, thanks to discreet in-wall speakers and wall-mounted keypads or remotes. Your rooms will remain free of clutter, with all major components hidden away in a centralized area. Even better, by consolidating equipment, you can put your money towards a single, top-quality system, instead of having to purchase several different system components for different areas in your home.
Can distributed Audio/Video be combined with a home automation system?
Distributed Audio/Video combines perfectly with home automation, creating an integrated control system for your home environment. A single command from your keypad or remote can dim the lights, turn on your audio equipment and launch your favourite playlist to accompany a photo slide show streaming from your computer to the media room television. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.
What controls are available for my distributed Audio/Video system?
Your system comes with your choice of controls:
  • Simple-to-use LCD hand-held remote
  • Touch-screen tablet remote
  • Wall-mounted keypads
  • Wireless key-chain remote

Distributed Audio/Video systems can fill every room in your home with high-quality music and video capabilities—without unsightly wires, boxes and components. Distributed entertainment allows you to centralize your Audio/Video system so that only discreet, hidden speakers carry sound throughout your home. Television screens can be added anywhere you want to enjoy visual entertainment.

And each room can be controlled independently, so that everyone can enjoy the entertainment of their choice in their own environment. Watch a surround-sound movie in the den while your spouse listens to their favourite album in the kitchen and the kids play their own music poolside. Each of you will be enjoying the same high-quality entertainment, using wall-mounted or handheld remotes set to your own preferences.

Frequently asked questions about Distributed Audio Systems