Can anybody perform electrical work?
No. Although many handymen offer electrical services, only certified electricians can legally install equipment, service electrical parts, and obtain electrical permits where required. If you want to preserve the value and safety of your residential or commercial property, only trust your electrical work to a certified electrician.
Do I need to obtain permits for work done in my home?
Yes. Any time a wall is opened or any major rewiring is done, municipal regulations stipulate that a permit must be obtained. These regulations are in place to protect the homeowner from problems that can occur from inferior electrical work.
Is it better to contract electrical and automation work to separate specialist companies or find one company to do both types of work?
We recommend using one company to undertake both electrical and automation system installation. By contracting one company for both jobs, you minimize the chances of communication breakdown, reduce the time needed to perform the installation and ensure a smoother, better-integrated final product. ACE Integrated Systems offers expertise in both areas, with seamless integration between both systems guaranteed.

Whether you are building an addition to your home or undertaking the construction of a new commercial space, ACE Integrated Systems has the expertise to provide top quality electrical wiring services, construction and commissioning for your project. As Vancouver’s premier integrated electrical company, we stay apprised of best practices for the installation of today’s complex electronics. Feel secure knowing that we are a fully certified electrical contractor registered with the BC Safety Authority.

Frequently asked questions about electrical wiring services