Q: What is a smart home?
A: A smart home is a residence in which all the electronic elements of the home have been expertly wired to be able to communicate with each other and with the householder through a convenient touchpad or remote. A smart home can be programmed to follow certain patterns of energy use throughout the day (such as lowering the thermostat at night and turning off outdoor lights at dawn). A smart home installation can include only a few electronic devices, or can extend to every electrically powered function of your home. The possibilities extend as far as your imagination.
Q: Can a smart home save energy and money?
A: Installing a smart home package can save energy by programming your home to use energy more efficiently. Instead of remembering to turn off lights and turn down thermostats from room to room, your smart home will remember for you.
Q: What are some examples of smart home functionality?
A: A smart home can allow you to remotely control or preprogram lighting, Audio/Video equipment, climate control and surveillance equipment, and even set reminders for household tasks such as garbage days, laundry or special events. A smart home can even send you status updates when you’re away from home or on vacation, so you can ensure the security of your home at any time. You can also integrate your home computer into the system, allowing you to control your system in-house or remotely from your laptop or desktop.
Q: How do I control my smart home?
A: Your system can be set up to be fully automated, manually programmable or both. As part of our installation service, we can help you set your preferred automated program, if desired, and we also offer training for you and your family to familiarize you with your new touchpad features and functionality.

Control every element in your home from a single touchpad. Using smart home technology, everything from lighting to entertainment to thermostatic controls and security features can be activated and adjusted remotely. A smart home gives you simple, elegant way to manage all the elements that make your home environment comfortable, attractive and secure.

Each smart home is unique, and each homeowner will have a different vision for the ideal smart home system. We can advise you on the feasibility and cost of incorporating specific functionality into your smart home package, and can also recommend creative features that reflect your lifestyle and the personality of your home.

Each Vancouver smart home design that we create is individually tailored to your family’s needs, and is developed in close consultation with you. Our aim is to accommodate you in every way possible to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your system. Even your personal touch panel is customized so that it’s intuitive to use for everyone in your household.

Please call us for a free consultation to find out how smart home technology can add to the comfort and functionality of your home.


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