What is a home theater?
A home theater is a dedicated room used solely for viewing movies and equipped with top-line electronics. They reproduce the theater-going experience with high-quality video and audio equipment, theater-style seating and special lighting.
What is the difference between a home theater and a media room?
A media room is a multipurpose room, such as a living room, family room or den, where people can watch movies or television and play video games. It creates a more casual, less immersive experience than a home theater, although a media room can be outfitted with Audio/Video equipment of similar quality to a home theater. The home theater is a dedicated entertainment room custom-designed for a single purpose. The biggest difference between the two in terms of equipment is generally the size of the display area: a media room will typically be equipped with an LCD or plasma screen, while a home theater has the capacity to fit a much larger display area, often using a projector screen.
What are the main benefits of a home theater?
These are some of the returns on an investment in a home theater:
  • You have a place where you can leave your worries behind and escape for a few hours.
  • You don’t have to brave bad weather or bad traffic.
  • You don’t have to put up with noisy audiences.
  • You don’t have to peer over the head of the person in front of you.
  • You don’t have to hire a babysitter.
  • You make your own popcorn.
  • You can press pause.
  • It’s a great way to spend time with family and friends.
  • It’s the ultimate indulgence for sports fans.
  • You get the excitement of going to the movies with the comforts of home.
How do I control my home theater equipment? Is it complicated, and do I need multiple remotes?
Today’s technology allows you to control all home theater components with a single, easy-to-use remote control device. You can control your stereo, television, DVD/Blu-ray player, cable box and even your lighting with one remote, or even using your iPod! Other control devices include:
  • LCD hand held remote
  • Touch-screen tablet remote
  • Wall-mounted keypad
  • Wireless key-chain remote
Is it necessary use theater-style seating in a home theater space?
We believe that theater-style seating is an integral part of the home theater experience. The home theater is a dedicated room designed entirely to enhance and optimize the movie-watching experience, and theater seating is part of the specialty equipment. Designed for comfort during viewing, they’re equipped with handy extras such as cup holders and storage for your remote. If you think of typical home theater seating as unstylish and clunky, you’re in for a surprise: today, home theater seating comes in a range of attractive styles and fashionable fabrics, including soft, natural leathers.
If I install a home theater, do I have to invite my friends over to watch every game?
Yes. If you don’t invite them, they will show up anyway.

A home theater is a supreme yet affordable luxury that brings superlative surround sound and vivid, crystal-clear visuals into the comfort of your own home.  Your home theater is a place set apart from the rest of the world and dedicated to the imagination: a space where you and your friends and family can enjoy the best in movies, televised sports events and more.

A well-designed home theater starts with the best Audio/Video components: sound that fills the room and draws you into the action, and visuals that are crisp, true and saturated with living, breathing colour.  The right lighting and theater seating complement the entertainment, setting the mood and recapturing the elusive thrill of waiting in a hushed, darkened room for the screen to spring to life.

Behind the magic, a great deal of thought and planning goes into the selection and installation of the Audio/Visual components that make the best use of the space and meet your specific home entertainment needs.  ACE Integrated Systems has the expertise to help you create the perfect home theater, from the electronic entertainment components to the selection and arrangement of theater-style seating.

Frequently asked questions about home theaters