Q: How does lighting automation work?
A: Automated lights are controlled by a main processor that communicates with your dimmers, switches and outlets. You can program specific lighting scenes or effects into the controller, and then bring them up by pushing a dimmer or a special wall-mounted keypad.
Q: What is involved in a lighting automation installation?
A: A lighting automation installation is a very simple procedure. The main processor is discreetly installed in an unobtrusive location in your house, after which controllable dimmers and switches are installed for each lighting fixture you wish to control.
Q: How do I control the automated lighting system?
A: The lighting system can be controlled by your choice of remote or wall-mounted device:
  • Simple-to-use LCD hand held remote
  • Touch-screen tablet remote
  • Wall-mounted keypads
  • Wireless key-chain
Some systems can even be controlled by a SmartPhone device, such as a BlackBerry or iPhone. ACE Integrated Systems will provide a training session to introduce you to the features of your new lighting automation system.
Q: Can lighting automation save me time and money?
A: By allowing you to more accurately adjust your lighting to your specific needs with dimmers, lighting automation can reduce energy costs and quadruple the lifespan of your bulbs. It can also allow you to set your lights to dim or even shut off automatically as ambient/outdoor light increases.
Q: What are the key advantages of a lighting automation system?
A: A lighting automation system offers a range of benefits, including:
  • Time-savingand convenient, especially in larger homes
  • Lets you achieve sophisticated lighting effects with calibrated dimmers
  • Gives you one-click control of all the lights in your home
  • Allows you to program and save specific lighting effects for parties, dinners and other occasions
  • Lets you pre-program lights for “vacation mode,” simulating occupancy for added security

Imagine being able to change the mood of your home at the touch of a button. Lighting automation lets you program and recreate specific lighting effects at one touch, controlling every light in your home from a dimmer or keypad.  With one command, you can set the stage for your next party, create the right ambiance for a romantic dinner for two or conveniently turn all the lights off before turning in for the night.  Automating your lighting system also allows you to program specific lights to turn on and off in your absence to enhance your existing security precautions.


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