Q: What is structured wiring?
A: Structured wiring is the centralization of your home’s telecommunications and entertainment needs, including telephone, internet, satellite and cable. It comprises a dedicated highway of cabling that connects all electrical components into a single integrated cabling system. This facilitates the swiftest and most efficient transfer of electrical signals throughout your home, a task that is more and more critical as homes support a wider range of electronic products and services.
Q: Why is structured wiring an important home design element?
A: Structured wiring ensures optimal performance for the communications and entertainment infrastructure of your home. As well as improving speed, fidelity and clarity, it allows you to network your computers and other network devices for swift file sharing and data transfers. And it allows for future expansion of your telecommunication needs and unforeseen changes in technology.
Q: How does structured wiring work?
A: In a structured wiring layout, a centralized point is established, from which all signals are routed or distributed. This is called the “head end.” All electrical signals are passed through wires that originate at the head end, and are then split, amplified and distributed throughout the home as required. This infrastructure creates the flexibility and quality needed to get the best out of household electronics today, and the capacity to handle the technology of the future.

It’s the hidden and often overlooked element in your home, yet wiring is what brings your household to life, powering your entertainment, light, heating and a host of other amenities and comforts. When wiring is installed optimally, it can make a world of difference to everything from the clarity of your telecommunications, the vividness of your television screen and the speed of your Internet connection. And if you have a home office, structured wiring will help you increase achieve a more productive, responsive workspace.

Intelligent, state-of-the-art wiring is the core of our business at ACE Integrated Systems. We use the best raw materials and test our installations rigorously every step of the way to ensure they function optimally.

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling your existing home, structured wiring provides the infrastructure that supports the best performance from today’s electronic products and ensures that your home is ready to power new technologies in the future.

Frequently asked questions about Structured Wiring